Customers continue to choose Lennox Commercial products for their 

industry leading high-efficiency rooftop models, Energence® and 

Strategos®, both with the advanced Prodigy® unitary control system. We’ve 

expanded our high-efficiency Energence lineup with new industry leading 

Ultra-High Efficiency models that aren’t just the lightest and quietest, but 

also the most efficient in its class, featuring innovative technologies such 

as variable-speed compressors, blowers and outdoor fans depending on the 

model. Many of the Lennox rooftop units feature the innovative aluminum Environ


 condenser coil system 

providing improved reliability at less weight with over 50 percent less refrigerant than comparable units. These 

rooftop systems are environmentally friendly and can help commercial building owners qualify for Leadership 

in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.


Heatcraft Worldwide 

Refrigeration uses natural refrigerants with low 

GWP to develop leading technologies for the 

supermarket and industrial markets. Transcritical 



 solutions, such as the eCO


Boost, were launched 

in Europe with outstanding results and customer 

reception. CO


 technology in refrigeration has been 

found to be 1,300 to 4,000 times less impactful on 

the climate than HFC-type refrigerants. Also, CO



based refrigeration systems can reduce energy 

consumption by up to 20 percent in most applications. 

These technological advancements demonstrate 

Heatcraft’s ability to consistently satisfy customer 

and regulatory requirements, while displaying a 

commitment towards preserving the environment 

through sustainable solutions.


We provide the most efficient comfort solutions available to homeowners today. The Lennox 

Ultimate Comfort System


 includes the highest efficiency heating and cooling products on 

the market. With the iComfort S30® smart thermostat, PureAir


 air purification system 

and the iHarmony® zoning system, homeowners can expect precise comfort control. The 

iHarmony zoning system allows the homeowner to control temperature throughout the 

house, or in specific rooms, while the iComfort S30 controls home temperature, humidity 

and energy cost from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Features 

include SmartAway scheduling that uses geo-fencing to save energy when no one 

is home and email alerts and reminders to keep the homeowner informed of the 

system’s status.






We harness the power of the 

sun to significantly reduce 

electricity use with the 

SunSource® Energy System. 

Lennox continues to innovate and offers solar-

ready heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions 

for residential and commercial customers. Our 

SunSource systems significantly reduce energy 

consumption for homes, commercial buildings and 

refrigeration systems. In commercial applications, the 



rooftop system can help building owners 

achieve net-zero energy status, as the SunSource 

system can generate more power than the rooftop 

HVAC unit consumes. In refrigeration applications, 

the SunSource Energy System is designed to help 

grocery retailers and other commercial refrigeration 

customers reduce energy consumption during peak 

demand hours resulting in substantial energy savings.