LII competes in a global market with a diverse 

workforce built on a foundation of respect. We 

are comprised of many different backgrounds, 

experiences and cultures and the collective power 

of our varied perspectives enables us to provide 

innovative product systems and solutions to our 

customers worldwide. Our diversity efforts are aimed 

at ensuring we have the breadth of talent required 

to deliver even more value to our customers and 


We recognize the importance of diversity and the 

value that women and their perspectives bring to 

our organization. The LII Women’s Business Council 

(LWBC) is a voluntary, employee-led organization 

of women and men focused on professional 

development, networking and support for the 

communities where we live and work. The LWBC’s 

initiatives are enriching the experience of women at 

LII and making us a stronger company.

In 2014, we created the Lennox Young Professionals 

Association (LYPA), an employee resource group 

for young professionals. LYPA provides a forum 

for social interaction, networking and development 

for our future leaders.

Our inclusion efforts promote employee engagement 

to leverage the unique strengths of each employee. 

The employee survey, first launched in 2010, allows 

us to hear directly from our worldwide employees. 

In our most recent global survey, 96 percent of our 

employees participated, providing valuable feedback 

to build an even stronger company for the future. 

In response to survey feedback, we implemented 

programs aimed at improving management 

communications, training and development and 

employee recognition. 

To enable employees to grow their careers, we provide 

a variety of training and development opportunities 

through our LII Learning Centre.  Our Celebrate 

Cool employee recognition program recognizes 

excellence in safety, teamwork, customer focus, 

integrity, innovation and quality. We also promote 

flexible work arrangements that allow employees 

to make their maximum contribution while still 

meeting the company’s business objectives.

Every employee has unique strengths that make a 

difference. Regardless of where we work around 

the globe, we harness the collective power of those 

unique talents to ensure LII remains the best in our