LII supports the communities where we live and 

work. We give to causes that our employees care 

about and align with our objectives. Our employees 

volunteer in many different capacities, from tutoring 

children to serving in leadership positions with local 

charities to working on home improvement projects 

for the needy. Our employees contribute thousands 

of volunteer hours and we provide in-kind donations 

of HVAC equipment and donate supplies to various 

charitable organizations. 

Globally, our Lennox India Technology Centre in 

Chennai, helped local residents recover from severe 

flooding. In Australia, our team donates their time 

and contributes funds to support a local food bank. In 

Saltillo, Mexico, our team donates food to end hunger 

in neighboring communities. These efforts are just a 

small sampling of the support we provide to more 

than 100 organizations around the world such as the 

United Way, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America 

and the Special Olympics. We support the following 

focus areas with both volunteer efforts and charitable 




Organizations that develop or implement ongoing 

educational programs or special projects, including 

elementary and secondary schools and institutions 

of higher learning.

The Arts 

Organizations that support or provide programs 

relating to the visual, literary and performing arts. 

Youth Development 

Organizations that support or provide programs 

for leadership and development of young people, 

especially those demonstrating greater need. 

The Environment 

Organizations that support or provide programs to

conserve or maintain our environment. 

Health and Human Services 

Organizations that support or provide programs that 

improve health or the delivery of services to meet 

basic human needs.

Lennox India Technology Centre (LITC) Smile Event in Chennai, India